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South West Vaults. We are a growth oriented company setting a new standard in the British self storage industry. StorageVault Management Services focuses on proven methods, systems and processes to achieve above average results for the stores it owns and manages.

Over the past 10 years, the self storage industry has experienced an evolution in technology, marketing, store facility design and customer service. South West Vaults team has been a market and innovation leader over this period and is viewed as one of the top operators in the country.


Security, convenience, and access – these are the words that define Sentinel Storage and that drive our growth and success. Thanks to our commitment and dedication to customer satisfaction, Sentinel has become a leader in self-storage. Our customers-first attitude has allowed us to expand to 23 locations across the country.

With new advances in technology, our company continues to grow and adapt to provide you with the best service – and consequently, the best experience – possible. Stop by one of our many locations to see first hand what Sentinel Storage can offer.

If you’re interested in portable storage, email [email protected].


Storage is like a hotel room for your stuff!

You rent a room, or a garage, at one of our storage facilities. Your storage unit is constructed with concrete and/or steel and has a concrete floor. Units are minimum of 8′ high and come in a wide variety of sizes.

The space has its own door — either a regular swing door, or a roll up door, which has a latch where you place your own lock and you keep your key! It’s sort of like a large safety deposit box!

Please give us at least one week’s notice before you move out of the unit. We understand that you may need your storage unit for a few days, weeks, months, or longer. Not sure how long you will need your storage space for? Don’t worry, we have you covered! While we do require a minimum 4-week rental, our unique and fair billing cycle makes it easy for you to move out when you are ready, without any additional cost.

Note that we do not provide refunds, so if you will be moving out in the middle of your cycle, let us know in advance before you pay so that you only pay for what you need that cycle! For example: If you know you will be moving out during the third week of your cycle, let us know before you pay for your next 4-week cycle and we will only charge you rent through to the third week. Then you will only pay for the time that you actually use storage!

If you have any questions about our prorate policy, please contact us.

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